Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Tonight we are going to a introductory Girl Scout meeting. They are the next four Tuesday evenings for an hour and a half. Basically it is to see if the Girl Scouts is something your child is interested in. For the next month they will learn all about the Scouts, do crafts and activities and they can earn a badge. We didn't have Girl Scouts in Eureka but I was a Pioneer Girl. I remember spending the night at our leader's house...Ruth and Erika . They made us drink goats milk and I remember how grossed out I was.


~ Denise ~ said...

Ewww! That is disgusting!

Anway...is this something for both girls or just Rachel?

I only attending half of the first meeting of Camp Fire "blue birds" when I was little. I say half because my mom got lost heading to the leader's house, so we arrived late.(Not horrendously so, but after all the other girls had finished eating snack and introduced one another.)

I never went back.

(I was such a snot...)

Venti Iced No Water Americano said...

Scouts just for Rachel..Lindsey would be sneaking out to the Boy Scouts meeting

Kris said...

RUN!!! run away as fast as you can! ha ha I was involved in GS with my girls and was a GS leader. It's fun if you are not a leader because you don't have to do all the paperwork and see the ugly side of GS... Yes, there is an ugly side to GS! Whatever you do, DO NOT volunteer to be a leader or a co-leader or you will have 1000s of boxes of GS cookies invading your house every year... you have been warned! (but I think the girls liked it... until they were 10 or 12). PS: I loved Pioneer Girls... Ruth and Erika Rocked! were they lesbians?

Venti Iced No Water Americano said...

Thanks for the heads up..I will not volunteer. Honestly I couldn't commit to something like that so I won't
Yes I think Ruth and Erik were lesbians.
I remember their pond full of tadpole and half tads turning into frogs.

Tanya said...

"Pioneers across the prairie...." that's all I remember. I only joined to go rollerskating. I remember having to learn about the bible. That was weird......they were definitely lesbians......not that there's anything wrong with that....lol

kris said...

Oh, yeah. I remember writing about going roller skating in the "Me I Know" book for Mrs. Wilson. I think that's the only reason I joined, too. I also remember saying "A Lamp unto my feet" a lot...hmmmm