Thursday, April 26, 2007

Preparing to Shop

So this would be my first entry to my brand new blog. Thanks to my friend Denise for the help. I've decided to do this so all my friends and family can log in and see what is going on in the Phillips home. Tomorrow Boo and I are going shopping as I am starting a detox program with my doctor. It will last two weeks and I'm hoping to come out of this feeling great with lots of energy. After grocery shopping Boo is getting some new sandals and tennis shoes which will sorta be a first since she has been stocked with clothes and shoes forever from her friends Hannah and Abby. Right now all is quiet in the house as Mike is watching the news, Lindsey is getting ready for bed (hard night at the school dance-first slow dance with a boy) and Rachel is soaking in the tub which is probably turning brown now after seeing her feet earlier. I'll be finishing the laundry and doing bills later...I'll be broke my morning!!