Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Name brand or Generic

I can be a thrifty girl on many things..(but never as good as Sondra) however there are several things that I just cannot buy generic..call me a snob but it is what it is. Here are a few of them.

Candles..have to buy Partylite as I love the smells and the way they burn
Cheese..can't stand that generic oily shit
Laundry Detergent
Ground Beef...has to be seven percent or less..I gag on the other stuff
Dishwashing Soap..liquid Dawn only
Hairspray..the bottle I buy is $14 but it is the only spray that holds my hair all day and my hair is very fine
Toilet paper..enough said
Yogurt..I eat a lot of this..Yoplait fat free


edwardnbella said...

i agree. There are things that I just can't make myself buy generic. I would never buy a "TUBE" of ground beef that is in an opaque plastic "sleeve". Yuck! Yes on the tampons... I have tried generic and none have the little grippy spot to hold onto like Playtex. Laundry detergent: yes, I don't like that generic disgusting smelling stuff. No matter how hard they try, it still does not smell like a Spring Meadow. Actually, on most things, I'd rather go without than buy an inferior brand because I know I will be disappointed.

flo said...

Oh yes, I am a thrifty girl but more in the way of finding name brands at a bargain price.
I don't like generic candles unless they are purely decorative, which I think is kinda stupid anyway. I always light my candles.
I don't need tampons anymore but never used generic when I did. I agree on that one.
They make generic cheese? Never heard of such a thing. Well, except American slices of 'Cheese Food'.
I can go down to 85% on the ground beef but nothing lower than that. It is all pretty much the same price now anyway.
Dishwashing soap is so cheap anyway, I don't see any reason to buy the cheap stuff. I get what smells best!
I don't use hairspray very often.
Enough said about the toilet paper.
Yogurt is yummy but mostly only eat it in Mexico to keep my tummy straight! I like the drinkable kind.

I am with Kris in that I am very picky about laundry detergent. I use the cheap stuff at the lake, simply because everyone else uses it and never replaces it. I had some good stuff hidden in my room last year and somebody found it and used it all.
And screw the generic canned vegetables! Those are just nasty, I don't care what anybody says.